The Big Draw

 Florence, Saturday 25 April 2015, sees FABRIANO take part in The Big Draw, an event entirely dedicated to painting and drawing organised in collaboration with the Marino Marini Museum and promoted by Artigianato e Palazzo, an event in turn dedicated to hand-made excellence now at its XXI edition where FABRIANO will be in the forefront next May.
The Big Draw is an international festival held every year in the United Kingdom involving more than 300,000 people; this year it travels to the Corsini Gardens in Florence, Italy.

It is an occasion for everyone - artists, enthusiasts, adults and children - to paint freely for an entire day among the hedges and lemons in the Italian Gardens designed in the seventeenth century by Gherardo Silvani.

FABRIANO will provide all participants with drawing or watercolour paper and a pencil in order to express creative talents and depict views of the park, the Palazzo Corsini sul Prato and the Loggia designed by Bernardo Buontalenti. A Fabriano corner will provide all stationery materials dedicated to the world of drawing and a selection of Fabriano Boutique products. The Gardens will also have a number of set-ups where specialist staff from the Marino Marini Museum will hold three lectures about watercolour technique and drawing in all its forms.

People taking part in The Big Draw will also be entitled to a discount entrance ticket to the XXI edition of Artigianato e Palazzo at the Marino Marini Museum as well as a discount on purchases of stationery products during the exhibition and the Fabriano Boutique in Via del Corso, Florence. Numbers are limited and registration is required through this online form.