Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano

The Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation (FFF) is dedicated to one of the most tenacious and enlightened entrepreneurs in the Italian and international paper sector: Gianfranco Fedrigoni. It was founded in Fabriano on 8 March 2011 as the Gianfranco Fedrigoni - Fabriano Foundation. The foundation brings together history, science and the art of paper, thanks to efforts of Fedrigoni SpA as the founder, which acquired the historic Miliani Fabriano paper mills and their precious paper-making heritage in 2002.

The sheer size and importance of the archive, book and historical patrimony belonging to the FFF  ensures that it is a unique institution of its kind and purposes in Italy, thanks to founder Fedrigoni SpA which decided to provide far-reaching support for culture, scientific and technical research, as well as to protect and valorise this heritage as a source of wealth and intellectual, social and economic development.