Environmental Features & Certifications:

Notepads and Journals

A notebook is a treasure, particularly if it’s made of 100% paper and produced exclusively in Italy, like ours. Special editions, pre-printed models, dream diaries or shopping lists: whatever you need, we’ve thought of it.

Diaries and Calendars

Never lose control of your days. Our planners and calendars will help you make your time your own. And you can start by always having them on you.

White Reams

All the best things start with a blank page. To prove this, we started with photocopy paper: reams of smooth sheets, optimised for inkjet and laser printing, that leave plenty of room for your imagination. 100% plastic free and made with FSC® certified and Ecolabel cellulose.

Coloured Reams

Even in the office we sometimes need a break from the routine. That’s why we make coloured photocopy paper: ream by ream of paper of the highest quality, available in a wide variety of colours, weights, raw materials and formats, designed for the best ink-jet and laser printing results. The one thing that doesn’t change is the beating heart of our FSC certified cellulose, which guarantees compliance with responsible management standards of forest resources.

Print Digital

What we usually call “printing” is an invention that revolutionised the way we understand paper. That’s why at Fabriano printing is a serious matter. And that’s why we’ve packaged a series of products specifically for inkjet and laser digital printing, so you always get brilliant colours starting from paper that is increasingly environmentally friendly. Available in a wide range of weights that are perfect for presentations and brochures.

Watermarked Papers for Documents

An inspired idea, a historical innovation, a signature piece: when the Fabriano paper mills discovered a way to leave their own artisan signature on paper it was just one element in a series of historic revolutions they led. Today, this legacy remains inscribed on the skin of our fixed-point watermark products, which are a security guarantee for special papers such as civil status documents and stamped tax paper.

Get Organized

In this section you’ll find notebooks, folders, envelopes, travel wallets, and anything you need to help you keep track, day after day. That’s what we call organisation.