Surface & Finishing:

Environmental Features & Certifications:

Traditional Prinmaking

Tradition for us means the world of copper engraving or relief printing: etching, dry point printing, woodcut printing. The world of art workshops. A world with its own pace and its own rules. The world of Tiepolo, Unica, Rosaspina and Pergamon papers that use cotton fibre as their trademark. To continue producing large traditional prints. Extraordinary prints.

Digital Fine Art Indigo

Is HP Indigo digital printing really the same as traditional printing? Yes, it is. Realising that the papers we’ve always used for traditional printing - Tiepolo and Artistico - could also be suitable for digital printing was another small revolution. Thanks to a special surface treatment, our traditional printing papers are certified by HP Indigo.

Offset Edition

Imagine your ideas on paper, on the most beautiful paper for offset printing. Imagine our fine art papers - Fabria, Rusticus, Grifo, Bioprima, Palatna, Ingres, Tiepolo… - adapted to modern printing.