Colour & Composition:

Surface & Finishing:

Environmental Features & Certifications:

Watercolour Papers

Hot pressed/smooth, cold pressed, rough. Detailed work, or landscapes. Your colours cover every millimetre of our pads. Unmistakable, hand-made, thick, brushed paper. Foudrinier paper. Mould-made paper. Because every story deserves the right paper - watercolour paper.

Drawing and Sketching Papers

Sketch, erase, sketch again. Be inspired by the romantic Venezia Book, by the acid-free grace of our Sketch Pads, or perhaps by the elegant clarity of our Accademia pads. Your drawings should live forever. Just like our drawing paper.

Fine Arts Coloured Papers

Different weights, sweet, subtle nuances, wire marks, watermarks, colours, or rather chromatic scales, of our special papers. A world of colour where shades are the main characters.

Graphic Art Papers

Picture the scene: you only use H9 pencils, you live for marker pens and you have to think of your ideal paper. Thick, robust, doesn’t blur, lush, uniform. When it comes to our products, your (more than) three wishes are our command.

Mix Media Papers

Creativity is boundless. To celebrate its full force we have designed a range of the highest-quality, user-friendly, versatile products. Impossible? Start here.

Oil and Acrylic Papers

Not your average oil on canvas. With our line of specially formulated papers for your oil and acrylic work, heavy, bulky materials will be a thing of the past. You’ll only need Tela, Palette and Pittura. You would have been the envy of Raffaello.

Conservation Papers

It’s not just a wedding ring that means “forever”. To protect memories, drawings and photographs, we’ve created a whole range of special papers to help you take better care of your most precious things. Time, dust and sunlight will fade into memory.

Journals - Black Books

If someone tells you life is either “a constant adventure” or “nothing at all”, make sure you choose the right travelling companions. Like our Leporello travel notebook, made with refined Medioevalis paper and accordion fold. Or our selected range of wirebound and hardbound Art Books. Because no story ever ends on the first page.

Calligraphy and Lettering

Writing always starts in the same way: a school desk and a pencil held between fingers. A trail of clear, round lead-pencil marks carefully trace full, perfectly-formed letters. If you still love writing today, you’re not a graphomaniac. You’re simply a lover of beautiful paper, just like us.

Fabriano 1264

Poetic license: sophistication rhymes with simplicity. This is why we’ve enclosed all our values in Fabriano’s 1264 spiral pads: tradition, beauty and respect for the environment. And 1264 different ways to loosen the reins on the imagination.

Art and Hobby Pencils

Extraordinary artists require sensational tools. Crayons, pencils, and stationery that carefully adjust to every-day challenges. But we went further and created a one-of-a-kind product: our iconic Cartucciera pencil case, a treasure chest and a shield for your creative allies. Now also available in an eco-friendly version.