Artistico is a watercolour paper made with 100% cotton produced with mould made process, a special industrial process that reproduces the typical characteristics of hand-made paper, which is why it is also called “manomacchina”. Today Fabriano enhance the value of its “Artistico” paper thanks to an enhanced quality and a presentation appropriate to its reputation. Here are the highlights of this paper: improved surface sizing, stronger surface, 4 deckled-edges, fixed-point watermark, Vegan Friendly product. Artistico is available in 2 shades of white: Traditional and Extra White, both without bleaches or optical brighteners, 4 surfaces: satin, soft grain, fine grain, coarse grain.

Weight or thickness

300 and 640 gsm


4-sided deckle edges: 56x76 cm
2-sided deckle edges: 76x112 cm
4 sides glued blocks: 12,5x18 cm, 18x26 cm, 23x30,5 cm, 26x36 cm, 30,5x45,5 cm, 31x41 cm, 35,5x51 cm, 45,5x61 cm
Rolls: 140x1000 cm

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