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Coloured Papers

Our coloured papers are much more than just a palette. They’re more colourful than a rainbow and more versatile than a Swiss army penknife. Bright, coated, matte. Rough and smooth in just one sheet. And available in any size you want.

Hobby and Craft Creative Papers

What texture is creativity? As far as we’re concerned, it’s every texture and even a little bit more! You choose what path to take, but you’ll need paper and cardboard that help you give shape and colour to what you have in mind. Choose the perfect paper and get ready to shape your ideas. Let your energy explode!

Printed wrapping paper

The magic of a gift begins with the paper that wraps it.
A paper gold and silver for adults and children.
Because the emotion of receiving a gift begins with the paper that wraps it.

Pencils Sets

Extraordinary artists require sensational tools. Crayons, pencils and stationery that carefully adjust to every-day challenges. But we went further and created a one-of-a-kind product: our iconic Cartucciera pencil case, a treasure chest and shield for your creative allies. Now also available in an eco-friendly version.

Drawing and Colouring Acessories

Rubber, sharpener available in two different sizes, ruler. These simple, intuitive tools are all you need for producing your best drawings with our paper. Because sometimes the best results are born of the most simple things. Like coloured pencils.