Fusion & Nefertiti Collection – Ribbed kraft paper, pulp dyed from the manufacturing process to guarantee long-lasting, homogeneous and solid colour.
Natura Collection – ribbed kraft paper of 60 gsm and 70 gsm.  Gold &Silver Collection, ribbed kraft paper of 60 gsm, printed on one side. High resistance to tearing, ripping and fading. Highly waterproof paper makes it excellent for school paintings. The laid texture gives it an elegant and differentiated finish. Due to its features it is an ideal paper for packaging, protection, gift packaging, handicrafts, collective works, compositions, collages, games, decoration, events, parties..

Weight or thickness

60, 65 and 70 gsm


Rolls: 1x3 m, 1x5m, 1x10 m,1x25m, 1x50 m