Colour & Composition:

Surface & Finishing:

Environmental Features & Certifications:

School White Drawing Papers

We have a very specific way of understanding the expression “building memories”. For schools, we translate it as F2, F4, Tecnico 6 and many others. Not combinations of letters and numbers, but a link between generations. Rough, smooth, versatile. In Italy, sign-making and drawing start with our pads.

School Coloured Papers

Imagine a smooth, rough, rainbow-coloured surface. Cocktail paper, Disegno Nero, or maybe the Arcobaleno pad? Choose the colours you need and do what you want with them. Dive into a kaleidoscope of textures and experiments: the results will shine on their own.

School Technical Drawing Papers

Smooth, millimetre, technical drawing paper and graph paper. Every brilliant idea deserves the perfect paper, and we’ve found it. From now on, all you have to do is let your ideas run wild. Our technical products will take care of the rest. And all of them are completely recyclable.

Music Notebook

Designed for music classes, afternoon instrument lessons, or to give space so composing wizards can run wild. Music is so much more than a lined notebook or a score. It is a passport towards your latest creation; the notepad you needed to concentrate solely on expressing yourself.

Book Covering Films

Our products have been to sustainability school and are made entirely from naturally sustainable FSC® certified cellulose. But the battle for the environment is much more complicated. That’s why we’ve designed unique, innovative coating rolls, which are completely removable and recyclable, water-based, phthalate-free and with an adhesive base. A new kind of protection that is gentle on the environment.

Protocollo Papers

Who amongst us has never asked for another sheet? Sheet after sheet, our foolscap paper has become the most trusted ally for the most important moments. Lined or squared, they always provide a smooth surface to write on and a resistant surface for rubbing out. In other words, they’re first class!