The absence of acid guarantees the inalterability over time of the paper. Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, wax, graphite, felt-tipped pens, drawing and printmaking (etching, lithography and silk-screening), announcements and invitations. The watermark (only on sheets) reproduces the Fabriano logo and the inscription “50% COTTON”.
The new features implemented in Fabriano 5 Enhanced exalt the characteristics of “Fabriano 5” through salient aspects that distinguish this paper: 4 deckled-edges, new surface sizing formulation that facilitates colour lifting (colour removal), surface more resistant to repeated brush strokes, Vegan Friendly product.

Weight or thickness

130, 160, 210, 300 and 350 gsm


Sheets: 50x70 cm, 70x100 cm
4 sides glued blocks: 23x31 cm, 26x36 cm, 31x41 cm, 36x51 cm
4-sided deckle edges: 56x76 cm