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Fabriano Unica

Fabriano Unica

Fabriano Unica paper is made of 50% cotton, suitable for all printmaking techniques. Fabriano Unica originates from the many centuries of experience gained by the Fabriano paper mills and collaboration with a group of artistsfrom the Opificio della Rosa, an international centre dedicated to the awareness and spread of traditional and innovative methods of printmaking. These artists have tested the paper with a host of printing, engraving and other techniques, testing it to its limits. From this cooperation between the people who make paper and the people who use it, a unique product has been created, as its name suggests. Just one perfect substrate for every printing application. The quality and value of Italian made paper is epitomized in Fabriano Unica.



Description Size (cm) g/m2 Unit/Pack
bianco 50 x 70 250 10
crema 50 x 70 250 10
bianco 76 x 56 250 10
crema 76 x 56 250 10
bianco 70 x 100 250 10
crema 70 x 100 250 10

1 side glued BLOCKS



sheets g/m2 Un./Conf.
bianco 21 x 29,7 20 250 5
bianco 29,7 x 42 20 250 5