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Plumber and Adventurer, Super Mario is undeniably the most popular icon in the world of videogames, universally recognised by young and adults alike. First appearing on the small screen in 1985, with the unforgettable Super Mario Bros., in 2000 he has embarked on a new adventure in a paper world, transforming himself into Paper Mario for the very first time. This journey, particularly loved by fans, has found even more praise in 2004 with the arrival of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a role-playing video game that has influenced permanently the evolution of the genre.

Paper Mario is set to revive one of his most beloved adventures on Nintendo Switch. Paper Mario : the Thousand-Year Door fosters the power of imagination and the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And just like Fabriano paper, which has inspired artists and thinkers around the globe, Paper Mario continues to fascinate players of all ages, becoming a timeless hero. Just as paper, malleable and versatile, is transformed in the hands of skilled craftsmen into works of art, so Paper Mario and his fellow travellers come to life in a paper world full of surprises and wonders, igniting a creative philosophy that inextricably unites millions of individuals around the world.

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