The heart of the handcrafting process for paper has stood the test of time, remaining the same as it was 750 years ago when Fabriano's paper legacy began. The master papermaker, with a masterful touch, dips the mould into the vat, skilfully lifting out the same amount of pulp each time to coat the screen evenly. As the paper sheet forms, it's then expertly transferred to the coucher. The coucher allows water to drain briefly before laying the mould onto a wool felt, a step that separates the newly formed paper from the screen. A paper sheet laid atop a piece of felt forms a stack that is pressed under a hydraulic press, starting the initial drying of the paper. This operation approximately halves the water content, facilitating the detachment of the paper from the felt. The sheets are then hung in spacious rooms, where the natural airflow and room temperature finish off the drying process. The final touch is sizing, where the sheets are bathed in animal gelatine, ensuring their longevity. Fabriano is one of the rare places where the artisanal creation of paper by hand is still alive, a testament to the enduring strength and value of a tradition spanning several centuries.