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Environmental Features & Certifications

Acid free Paper produced in neutral environment without acids, in the past for the paper sizing alum-sulphate was used generating an increase in the paper acidity that decreased its resistance over time,… ECF Identifies Elemental Chlorine Free bleached wood pulp. It means that the bleaching process has been made without the use of chlorine dioxide. Eu Ecolabel Certifies that emissions into the environment (air, water, solf) during paper production, meet criteria set by the European Union in terms of environmental sustainability. FSC® The Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable managements of the world’s forest. The wood pulp labelled with the FSC® logo is certified as… Hydropower This logo identifies the Fabriano Papers produced with at least 60%of hydropower energy. Thanks to this renewable source of energy, generated through small power plants owned by the company ,… Long life The papers produced according to the ISO 9706 regulation are said LONG LIFE. It means that the paper has to be wood free (lignin free), with neutral- alkaline sizing and… Plastic Free Packaging Identifies plastic-free wrappings. They can be disposed of as paper in the separate recycling collection. Laser cutting System in which the support is engraved or cut by means of a laser beam that follows the drawing of a digital file. It can be used as an alternative…

Produced with 100% of TCF pulp (Total Chlorine Free), FSC certified from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards. Acid Free with alkaline reserve to guarantee long permanence – Long Life (ISO 9706). Ideal for copies, laser and inkjet prints, fax.

Weight or thickness

80 gsm


21x29,7 cm, 29,7x42 cm

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