Fabriano 750

“750 years ago? That can’t be right… It’s impossible!”

This is the usual reaction when people are told how long ago Fabriano paper was born, a truly staggering anniversary that is somehow frightening and reassuring at the same time. Staggering because 30 generations have passed since 1264, during which time nations, states, empires have been born and perished; yet paper is still being made in the same place and with the same passion and dedication. Frightening for us, given that we are now the only producers of quality paper in Fabriano, and every day we try to live up to the exacting standards set by our predecessors, who issued a never-ending challenge to the future. Reassuring for those who use our paper: artists, students, writers, editors and even anyone with a banknote in their pocket. Knowing that this paper embodies eight centuries of continuous innovation combined with a profound respect for tradition makes us feel proud.

A shiver runs down the spine at the thought that among the innumerable other users of this same paper can be counted Giambattista Bodoni, Michelangelo and Beethoven. Browsing these pages, you'll find products aimed to meet multiple needs. A modern paper on which to write and draw, to experience the thrill of a journey through time that is projected towards the future.

An Italian paper since 750 years.