Expression of you


Whatever your style, whatever your practice, whatever you like to draw, write, paint, print or doodle, we have what it takes to help you express yourself. So you can get better, so you can feel better.

Fine Arts

We’ve developed a range of special papers for professionals, students and artists. Let your paintbrush – or pencil – run free. Just like your ideas.

Art at School

A memory of the one hour a week dedicated to technical or artistic creativity. The iconic, memorable F2 and F4 pads. The products in our School range have been, still are and always will be supporting generations of students in the development of their creativity and manual skills.

Paper Craft

There are times when we have to forget about the rules. We designed Paper Craft for precisely those times. Let loose and start folding, modelling and shaping at your own pace. Because every important goal starts with lots of small but brilliant ideas.


Remember the stationery shop where, as a kid, you could lose yourself for hours on end amongst journals, sketch pads, pens, pencil cases and notepads? And the diaries, planners, letter paper, cards and so much more? People call it stationery but we know it’s much more than that. You find the words, the thoughts, the drawings. We’ll find how to express them. In pure Italian style.


Our paper is older than printing itself, but we’ll never settle for the way things have always been done. That’s why we’ve adapted products with thousands of years of history to the most modern printing techniques. That’s why we keep making history, sheet after sheet.


For your creativity at work. For any brilliant idea, no matter how big or small. Our Office range was designed to support you, every day, for printing, reminders, notes or photocopies.

Timeless masters

Over the years some of the greatest masters of art and some of the greatest thinkers have fallen in love with our papers, from Michelangelo to Beethoven. Our timeless Masters.


1475 - 1564, Artist


1920 - 1993, Regista


1863 - 1938, Poeta


Every day we learn something new about paper.
And we want to share with you everything we’ve learned over time.

Oil crayons on Black Black paper

Tutorial: Botanical watercolor with Sandrine Maugy