From 24 May to 6 June 2021

From Spain to Berlin, working with Internazionale, Piemme Edizioni, Pearson, and many more,  Alberto Madrigal – watercolour artist and cartoonist – is not only an artist, but an active and attentive observer, someone who never leaves the house without a pencil, a palette and brushes. Because inspiration can come from tiny, spontaneous details gathered during an early morning breakfast, or a walk after lunch, when cities shine and an unnatural calm descends on the afternoon hours.

This was our challenge for Alberto, to immerse himself in our world, breathe in the dense, creative air of Fabriano whilst designing a notebook on Artistico paper, a logbook and a re-interpretation of the deepest roots of our identity. Colours, emotions and landscapes were born. But, above all, a delicately rhythmic narrative, capable of combining the majesty of the Fabriano architecture and a glance to the future of our paper mills.