760º anniversary Fabriano

It may sound incredible but Fabriano paper this years celebrates its 760 anniversary! Seven hundred and sixty years of excellence. The reaction of astonishment is normal when we talk about the date of birth of the Fabriano paper. Since 1264 paper is still made in the same place and with the same passion and dedication. Paper was born in China and migrated in 1264 to Fabriano and grew up there, acquiring those characteristics that still make it a unique and irreplaceable tool of culture and communication.  Watermark, animal gelatin, multiple hammer mill. Using the same techniques applied by tanners and wool workers, the Fabriano paper makers adapted an ancient art to the needs of the modern world. Fabriano paper is everywhere: in schools, homes and offices; on shelves and in drawers; in pockets, bags and wallets. It is part of everyday life for young and old alike, in Italy and throughout the world. Very few industries in the world can boast such an ancient tradition: the Fabriano paper is an important Italian cultural heritage.