A goldsmith term: a technique consisting in the processing of a nickel-silver, copper or bronze fine metal wire, which is hand-shaped with goldsmith tools, hand sewn or soft-welded onto the wire cloth of the mould or modeling of the wove wire cloth, impressed preventively by the punch. The term watermark is also used to identify the mark left behind on the paper-sheet by the metal wires during the feltration process, thus giving rise to lighter or darker shades, visible when holding the paper up to the light. The watermark may consist of a distinctive personalized design impressed onto the sheet (such as inscription, coat of arms, emblems of marks, etc.). there are various types of watermarks: in-light (obtained by sewing metal wires onto the wove or laid wire cloth), in light embossed, in-shade embossed, in light-and shade embossed onto the wove wire cloth, and in-shade embossed with a wire profile watermark in-light (a fine metal thread sewn onto the wove wire cloth).